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Air Purifier
Touch controlled or remote controlled Air Purifier is offered in different air flow rate, purified air delivery level and air flow coverage area based options. Simple to install and operate, this air purification system has low noise level.
Ozone Generator
Application of Ozone Generator can be noticed in water treatment plants. This microprocessor controlled system is energy efficient and its high ozone concentration level deserves praise. Low noise operation is one of its main factors.
Air Sterilization Units
Air Sterilization Units are reliable sterilization option for food processing department and various other industries where maintenance of hygienic air condition is required. These stainless steel made systems are simple to operate and these have long working life.
Disinfectants Products
The Disinfectants Products offered by us are suited for their applicability in workshops, hotels, elite sporting amenities, hospitals, ICU's, burn centers, clean rooms, operating rooms etc. These insure pure air in the these orbits.
Air Quality Products
Air Quality Products adopt multi filter based air purification mechanism. These utilize advanced temperature and humidity sensor for determining precise level of moisture and temperature of surrounding air. Easy to operate, these systems are small in shape.
Ozone Monitor
Offered range of Ozone Monitor acts as the cost effective option to check concentrated ozone level in water. Mechanical operation, error free functioning, quick set up process and short response time are its key factors.
Ozone Testing Products
The Ozone Testing Products offered by us can be employed to make testing on the rubber products. These products work well in all conditions and deliver accurate results all the times.